Vaporizers at Glass Gone Wow | Pittsburgh, Pa.

What the buzz is all about

For the last few years vaping has continued to become a growing hobby among millenials. Vaping has been adopted as a cleaner and safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Studies have shown that vaping is about 95% safer in all actuality. Vaping is not only safer than smoking cigarettes but it also much cleaner. With vaping there is no foul smells, bad breath or second hand smoke since the by product of vaping is water vapor.

A vaporizer is made up of three main components; the battery, the tank, and the atomizer. The atomizer is the part of the vaporizer that heats the liquid and turns it into vapor form. The liquid “juice” comes in a variety of different flavors, brands, and blends which add to the allure of vaping. The user has the ability to decide how much nicotine they can intake, if any at all.

Types of Vaping

There are two different types of vaporizers, wet and dry. the difference between the two is what you are actually inhaling. Wet vaping includes the e-juices and the liquid tanks. The other style of vaping does not use the liquid tanks. Dry vaping is when dried tobacco and/or other herbal substances are inhaled through the vaporizer.

What We Carry

Our GGW retail locations offer Pittsburgh a wide variety of vaping options and products. We carry both wet and dry mods for your preference. We carry some of the most popular brands on the market such as: Yocan, This Thing Rips, Dr. Dabber, Pax, Grenco Science, Da Vinci and more!

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