Glass Gone Wow is the EXCLUSIVE Dealer of Illadelph Glass in Pittsburgh, PA

Illadelph Glass Exclusive Authorized Dealer in PA

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Looking for Illadelph Glass in Pittsburgh? Glass Gone Wow is the EXCLUSIVE Illadelph dealer in Pittsburgh. We are the only authorized dealer of Illadelph production glass in the tri-state area. Each location of Glass Gone Wow carries pieces from this incredible line of glass blown masterpieces. Conceptualized and built in Philadelphia, Illadelph Glass’ brings a unique mix of scientific glass blowing and individual artistic imagination to continually re-invent the boundaries of functional glass art.

Authorized Illadelph Dealer in PA

Lemon Drop Triple Coil Colins Base

Some of Illadelph Glass’s innovative technology carried in Pittsburgh includes: Coil Condensers, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, and so much more. We currently carry the 5MM, 7MM, and 9MM Production series of Illadelph Glass in Pittsburgh, in addition to pieces from their Signature Series, their Signature Heavy Hit Series, Black Scope Series and Showerhead Disc Series.

Illadeph Glass in Pittsburgh will instantly become one of your favorite pieces to own. Here is breakdown of their unique technology from their website:

Percolation – the forcing of smoke through multiple holes or spaces submerged underwater. With an increased number of exit points, bubble size is decreased allowing for more surface area of the smoke to come in contact with the water. This increase in surface area directly results in more filtration. All of Illadelph Glass’s water-pipes utilize percolation with products ranging from eight to ninety-nine holes or slits in their design.


PA Authorized Glass Dealer

3-Way Illadelph Glass | Liberty Glass | Strobel Glass

Filtration – Optimal percolation continues to be the main objective in all of Illadelph Glass’s water-pipe designs. Properly designed percolation helps to filter out the harmful and inactive tars in smoke leaving nothing but the active and essential elements. In addition, this process eliminates all particulate and reduces the temperature of the smoke to further prevent irritation.


Detachable Coil Condenser – used to cool and condense gases when entering and exiting a water-cooled chamber. Illadelph coils are filled with a freezable gel and detach so that they can easily be stored in a freezer when not in use. The condenser provides maximum cooling in the shortest possible space, with each coil exceeding 12 inches in stretched length.

One of the most sought-after lines for Illadelph Glass in Pittsburgh is their Showerhead Disc Series. Illadelph’s alternative to the tree perc is the shower-head diffuser which features a plethora of percolating slits to increase smoke bubbles and filtration. This design’s durability and functionality is due to the simplicity of it’s shower-head shape.

If you’re looking for Illadelph Glass in Pittsburgh, Glass Gone Wow is your exclusive Illadelph dealer. Stop in one of our locations in Pittsburgh, Ohio, or West Virginia to check out our collection of Illadelph Glass. Our knowledgeable team will be there to answer any questions you have about these glass pieces.

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