What do You Need to Know About EJuice Refills in Pittsburgh, PA?

If you use an electronic smoking device, eventually you’ll need to purchase ejuice refills and replacement juice. When it comes to buying ejuice refills in Pittsburgh for vaping and e-cigarettes, it’s never been easier with Glass Gone Wow. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees are able to answer your questions about e-juice so you can make the best selection for your personal taste.

Before you stop by our vaping and wellness center in Pittsburgh, you might have a few questions about ejuice refills. Here is some helpful information to learn before making your new ejuice selection:

What is Ejuice?

Ejuice refills are made of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. Nicotine amounts and flavoring varies among brands.

When your ejuice is heated with an electronic smoking device, it vaporizes and sends flavor to throat while simulating the act of smoking.

How is Nicotine Measured in Replacement Juice?

One of the benefits of choosing vaping over traditional smoking is that you have varying combinations of nicotine levels and flavors. Nicotine is measured in milligrams (MG) and milliliters (ML). You will typically take in a lot less nicotine compared to traditional smoking, but you’ll still feel satisfied while experiencing a burst of unique flavor.

How Much Nicotine Should You Use?

The amount of nicotine should be based on the comfort of your throat while inhaling. Too much nicotine will cause your throat to become irritated and result in a cough.

The knowledgeable staff at Glass Gone Wow can help you determine your nicotine levels based off of traditional cigarettes that you smoke. If you’re a light smoker, 6mg typically is a good amount for you. If you smoke full flavor, 18mg might be best.

Keep in mind that this formula isn’t set in stone. It’s best to try a variety of ejuice refills in Pittsburgh to determine the right amount of nicotine for you.

Have Questions About Replacement Juice? Visit a Pittsburgh, Glass Gone Wow today!

If you have more questions about ejuice and replacement juice, the staff at Glass Gone Wow is happy to assist you. Glass Gone Wow is conveniently located on Pittsburgh’s South Side at 1409 E Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. We are the premiere wellness center in the tri-state area with ejuice refills, vaping accessories, and more.

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